Monday, January 15, 2007

Today on the radio the DJ asked if there was something that you had a "plethora" of, and to call in. So I called in. When I got on the air, he asked what I had and I told him "crock pots". He asked how many I had, and I told him 17. He was pretty amazed at that. He asked if I cooked, and so I explained that I write cookbooks. He then asked me how many I have had running at one time. I told him that once I had 11 going at once, when I was doing a show and needed lots of samples. That blew him away! He wanted to know just how good the house smelled! He then asked how fat I was!!! He said that he would be HUGE if he had crockpots cooking all the time at his house.
Anyway, it was pretty funny to me at least! I think I will send the DJs a free copy of the book, and see if that generates any free publicity for me!

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